Who We Are

MediShield First Aid Supplies Sdn Bhd manufactures and sells quality first aid kits and related first aid products prudently designed for industries, businesses, motor vehicles and residential use.

Founded in year 1990, MediShield was among the pioneers that led the First Aid industry in Malaysia. Over the course of 30 years, the company has grown leaps and bounds and become the leading first aid kit manufacturer in Malaysia. MediShield first aid kits are sold in more than 1000 pharmacies and stores nationwide, covering every state in East and West Malaysia. MediShield is not only recognized locally but globally as well, shipping to countries in Oceania and Southeast Asia region.

It has always been MediShield’s primary goal to provide our customers with top-grade first aid supplies and the best services to satisfy all our customer needs. To achieve that, MediShield has expanded its business beyond manufacturing to be a One-Stop Solution Provider to our customers, covering 5 important areas:

  • First Aid
  • Medical
  • Safety
  • Emergency
  • Trainings

What We Do

MediShield has been passionately servicing the nation for over 3 decades. As a full-service company, we provide a wide range of certified medical supplies and safety-related services including:

  • Custom First Aid Kits
  • Medical Devices
  • Safety Equipment
  • Emergency Evacuation Equipment
  • Safety Training
  • And More


Our committed team is constantly working towards one common goal

To continuously expand our range of products and services to bring utmost efficiency to our customers, providing the best service to satisfy all our customer needs.


To be the leading First Aid Kit and Supplies brand in Southeast Asia

To be the leading One-Stop Solution Provider in Malaysia fulfilling all First Aid, Medical, Safety, Emergency & Training needs.

To make an impact and improve Malaysia’s emergency preparedness standards in all public places, businesses, and households

Our Transformation

Thanks to the company’s growth and innovation efforts throughout the past decades, MediShield is currently introduced into the market not just for covering a wide range of First Aid Kit and First Aid Supplies, but also a One-Stop Solution Provider.

1990 – 2000

  • Incorporated on 23rd April 1990 as a private limited company and officially began business operations on 1st May 1990.
  • The company was mainly a manufacturer and distributor of first aid kits, boxes, and other related medical devices.

2000 – 2010

  • Introduced the innovative and advanced range of Plastic ABS First Aid Kits as our mid-range First Aid Kits. 
  • MediShield transferred from a leased premise to self-owned premises in Puchong doubling in size.

2010 – 2020

  • Introduced First Aid Pouch and Bags into MediShield’s range of First Aid Kits. 
  • Introduced Custom First Aid Kits where customers can personalize their first aid kit.

2020 – NOW

  • We are expanding faster than ever before to work with and support communities all over the country.
  • Official launch of M Shield brand which covers a wide range of first aid and medical products.

Our Expertise

MediShield has persistently served many industries and businesses. All of which require unique demands that we have met with our beneficial solutions. 

  • Covers every industry and business
  • Support both private and public sectors
  • Experienced in exporting to Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • Skilled in realizing customers’ custom-designed first aid kits
  • Provides consultation, professional advice and solutions

Who We Serve

First Aid Kits and medical supplies are a necessity for everyone, everywhere. We strongly believe that being prepared is vital for essential emergency response. That’s why we have been in service for all sectors and businesses.






Public Areas

Corporate Buildings

And More