There are many First Aid Kits out there, different sizes and different contents. Most people does not have a clue as to which is the most suitable one for them. In this article we will be sharing on the contents that you should have in a First Aid Kit and how to pick the right one for you.

A. Bare Minimum Contents

For any First Aid Kits, these are the must have contents that should be included inside the kit:

1. Gauze Pads (Cover wounds to act as a absorbent pad for the bleeding wound and acts as a cushion for the wound)

2. W.O.W Bandage / Elastic Gauze Bandage (Hold dressings in place)

3. Plaster Strips (Covers light minor wound easily and quickly without any bandages or dressings)

4. Adhesive Tape (Hold dressings or bandages in place)

5. Scissor (For cutting bandages and dressings)

6. Alcohol swabs (Disinfect medical equipment and also skin surface)

The items above usually comes in a mini First Aid Pouch and some also comes in a mini casing. It is small, usually size of an adult palm, easy to bring along to anywhere. This kit is most suitable for you if you are really just looking to have something that can stop the bleeding of small injuries and bandage it without applying any antiseptics.

B. Minimum Contents

Minimum Content First Aid Kits is just one level above the bare minimum contents, on top of the 6 items above, the kit should include these items:

1. Antiseptic Solution / Antiseptic Cream (Prevent wound infection ad promotes wound healing)

2. Cotton Balls (Soak Disinfectant mixture to clean wounds / apply Antiseptics on wound)

3. Cotton Buds (To apply Disinfectant / Antiseptics on wound)

4. Plastic Tweezer (A tool to hold things without direct contact with our fingers and also to remove debris )

5. First Aid Guide Booklet (Provide steps on treating various wounds and provide first aid in emergencies)

With these 5 additional items, the size of the First Aid Pouch or Box is about the same as the bare minimum content, suitable to bring along to anywhere. The addition of antiseptic solution or cream is important as it ensures that the wound will not get infected, it will also enable the wound to recover faster. Cotton balls and plastic tweezer is for applying the Antiseptic solution or cream onto the wound. As for the First Aid Guide Booklet, it is an important item to have in every kit because it not only provide guidance on the right ways to treat different type of wounds, but also on how to provide first aid in emergency situations.

C. Standard Contents

Standard Contents are First Aid Kits which is recommend to have for both home, workplace and public places. On top of the 11 items above, the kit should include these items:

1. Disinfectant Liquid / Antiseptic Liquid (Disinfect wounds before applying antiseptics)

2. Triangular Bandage (To support broken arm / wrap head injuries / used as a large absorbent dressing)

3. Crepe Bandage (To hold and provide support on sprains)

4. Emergency Blanket (Reflects body heat o increase body temperature)

D. Additional Contents

These items are not a must have but is definitely a good to have if you have the extra budget.

1. CPR Face Shield (Protective barrier to both person when CPR is given)

2. Wooden Splint (To hold fractures in place)

3. Tourniquet (To stop severe bleedings)

4. Non-Adherent Pads / Non-Woven Pads (Dressing suitable for burn wounds)

5. Burn Dressing / Burn Gel (Ease pain from burn wounds and cools the area quickly)

6. Saline Solution / Saline Swabs (For wound cleansing)

7. Medicated Oil (To ease dizziness and headaches)

8. Smelling Salt (To bring wake the fainted)

9. Instant Cold Pack (A one-time use convenient ice pack)

10. Thermometer (To measure body temperature)

11. Biohazard Bag (To dispose used bandages and dressings)

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